Project // Comprehensive Documentary on World Champion Slalom Skier Jeff Rodgers
Awards// Silver Telly - Editing, Silver Telly - Sports, Telly - People's Choice, Select at Greenville International Film Festival
Production Company // Will Keown, Producer + Photographer
Distribution// Initial release on DVD, now available via Vimeo on Demand (as you can see)

43@43 is a 38 minute documentary that takes you through the career of Jeff Rodgers up until the Fall of 2010, where he attempts to match his world record from 1997 – 1@43. It continues with his transition from the Open Men to the Masters Men division in 2011. 43@43 includes interviews with Branson Blair, John Cox, Jeff Crouch, Kristi Overton Johnson, and Lucky Lowe.

Even if you don’t know much about waterskiing, this film explains the sport in such a way that you’ll be able to understand the magnitude of Jeff’s career, accomplishments, and world record attempt.